Friday, October 3, 2008

Ya know what...

I'd really like to start a blog but I just ramble about nothing so much... and yea.

I love make-up so much and love wearing it but I just can't get in the habit of getting up early to do my make-up for work. Maybe since it's finally cooling off, I won't be sweating as much and will welcome the make-up more!

I was a bad BE girl... I got L'Oreal's True Match line. Foundation, Powder, Blush & Concealer in N2. It was a little too light. :o( I was so afraid N3 would be too dark, though. I will look at Wal-Mart next time I go and take a peek. I could mix, plus I don't think my "summer tan" is completely faded, yet. But I did love the coverage! I think it will be perfect (once I find my shade) for my fiancé's side's family pictures at Thanksgiving! I'm so glad his mom wants to include me since we ARE getting married in June.

Speaking of the wedding... is it sad I'm not all that "excited". We've been together for 2 weeks shy of 3 years and we've lived together for 1 yr & 10 months. Nothing will change except my name and insurance. We've had a joint checking account for a year, so I don't see finances changing, either. I thinking it's because I haven't gone dress shopping yet. I just know I'm going to be really hard on myself if I go now because of my weight... I lost 15lbs at the beginning of the year but just can't get motivated to get it off. *Sigh* I'd like to at least lose 30 by the wedding. I'll still be "fat" but I'd be more comfortable than I am now. Heck, according to the BMR crap, I'd have to lose ~90 to be "normal". I'll pass, though I'd be 110% happy with 50.

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  1. I hear you on the weight loss thing hon. I just started Weight Watchers about two weeks ago, and so far have lost seven pounds. According to my BMI I would need to lose fifty pounds to be at the low end of my range! SCREW THAT!

    Before I had kids I had Marilyn Monroe's exact measurements ... and I thought I was fat! Now I would KILL to look like that again, so that is what I am going for. I think that if I went by my BMI I would look like a skeleton with huge boobs ... ummmmm ... no thanks!

    Just do what you are comfy with woman ... you are gorgeous no matter what, and will be stunning in whatever dress you pick!


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