Monday, June 29, 2009

6.29.09 - Old Navy Long Rib-Knit Tanks

Please oh please tell me they are not discontinuing them... but I can't find them on their website!!!

I wear these under EVERYTHING!!! Yes, I have a ton, but I know they need replaced! I hope they are just sold out or something, or they are being re-designed. I know they had them in-stores for like $2 a while back (I'm an hour away and actually didn't even hear about the sale). So maybe they are discontinuing them. :o( Oh, I will be so sad!

On another note, why I was looking, Old Navy is having 25% off thru July 2nd, in which we were planning on going shopping Thursday, anyways. I need to replace some of my much (over) loved ON tops, and hopefully they have some that will meet my eye. I love the half-sleeve ones, because I'm not always in the mood to show off my fat arms, haha. The one I'm wearing now is a true t-shirt sleeve, deep v-neck and a little pocket and SUPER comfy... I don't see it on the website either. Oh please Terre Haute, IN Old Navy, have some tanks and t's in my size for me!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

6.28.09 - One giant Haul post

So, rather than wasting multiple posts, I'm going to sum this up all in one.

On 6.4.09 I placed an order with A few hours later I checked my order status, and to my surprise, BACKORDERED. I called the available number on their website, during hours and talked to a lady... who seems to be the only worker. Anyways she told me the GHD's were supposed to be in that day, but they hadn't received them, and the Enzo's were all scratched up upon arrival, but they were expecting them in the next week. I waited a few days to call back (they have odd hours for us CST'ers) and was pretty much told the same thing. Since I had used a promo code to get a free hairdryer with my GHD, ordered the Enzo bundle with hairspray and also some crane clips, she said they would ship out what was available (dryer, hairspray & clips), and ship the rest when it came in. It was shipped later in the week, and according to the tracking number, delivered the 15th. I was gone on my honeymoon the 14th-19th, so I made no contact with them that whole week. The box with the dryer, hairspray & clips was in my mailbox on the 20th. On the 22nd, as soon as they opened, I called and asked why I hadn't received my flat iron or curling iron but had been charged for them on the 11th! Okay, so I understand, sh*t happens and you can't always get stuff to people on time, but how dare you charge me! I was just getting frustrated at this point. I kindly told the lady that and that I had placed the order on the 4th and it was now the 22nd with a $332 charge on my credit card! I told her if I didn't receive the items by Saturday (the 27th) I'd have no choice but to cancel the order and order from elsewhere. They arrived the 24th. Lame, seriously... lame.

To sum it up, love the items & the price, but unless you are prepared to wait a month, for popular items, don't order. Oh yea, and then I see this week they have 20% off. Nice.

If Sephora is out of stock, they don't sell it to you! If Victoria's Secret is on backorder, they show you the date it will be available. Oh, and they immediately (without you asking) ship the in stock items and only charge you for those., please get up to date and improve your customer service. Oh and hire some more phone answerers, because you obviously need it.

Without further adieu, my order... ALL of it:

GHD IV GlossyHot Pink Styler, Enzo Milano 25mm Clipless Cilindrico Curling Iron, Metropolis The Crane Clips, Enzo Milano Hairspray 1 & 2 and Babyliss Nano Titanium Hair Dyer

Moving on.

While in Las Vegas, I placed a MAC Friends & Family order:

Style Warriors Eyeshadows in Soft Force and Night Maneuvers, Lipstick in Purple Rite and Lipglass in Fierce & Fabulous. Naked Honey Eyeshadows in Pollinator, Crème de Miel and Buckwheat. Prep + Prime Lip, Brow Set in Clear & Eye Brow Pencil in Fling.

While there I also got the chance to visit Sephora at The Venetian and bought 2 things:

MUFE HD Foundation in 117 & Smashbox Eyeshadow in Rapture

I also go to visit MAC at The Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace, which also sells Pro items. I just picked up a few items:

Style Warriors Eyeshadow in Bright Future and Lustre Drops in Sun Rush. A Rose Romance Lipstick in A Rose Romance and Lipglass in Virgin Kiss. Naked Honey Lipglass in Queen Bee.

And for those interested, here is a in-pot comparison of Night Maneuvers & Rapture.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

6.25.09 - Hair... again

So... I'm starting to get used to the blonde... but oh the maintenance ahead. Going dark was awesome, dye late Jan, by May it had faded to, close-enough-to-not-see-noticeable-roots, my natural color. I'm wondering if I should just skip the $100 highlights and opt to a home-dye every month or so... I could either get stuff from Sally's or Wal-Mart. I'm mostly hesitant about picking a color, and also, since I am good friends with my stylist, I don't want to upset her, but I just think it'd be so much easier to do it on my own... Then there's that nice rainbow I get with my natural and two colors of highlights... *sigh*...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6.9.09 - The Hair

So yea, I'm never happy with my hair. While I LOVE it long, sometimes it's just hot. Lately it just goes up into a pony. After seeing Jen (Cibu17 via YouTube) and all her "Hair 'do of the Day"'s, I'm entirely tempted to cut mine. After the wedding, of course.

Today I am going blonde. I've always (for the most part) been blonde and it just goes with the whole black & white theme of our wedding. Light-Medium Blonde it shall be.

These pictures are of Randi Evans, who is in the Top 20 of the current season (5, I believe) of So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe a slight bit longer for me, and it will be about the same color...


Kinda A-Line Bob-ish.

I've always enjoyed Rachel Ray's short hair...


And even Kelli Pickler's...


So what do you think? Is my face to fat, or could I pull it off?

Friday, June 5, 2009

6.5.09 - A bit of rambling...

Hum, so this entire week, I've worn practically the bare minimum (in my book) for make-up. I've been working ten hour days and just wanting to relax a bit.

This weeks routine (Friday was changed up a bit):
MAC Mineralized SatinFinish Liquid Foundation - NC25
-I apply this with my 190 and blend with a damp BeautyBlender, LOVE IT! I also do my Studio Sculpt the same way (PS> I failed to clean my 190 so I left this out for Friday)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC20
-Just where I needed it
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish/Natural - Medium
-I used my 181
MAC MSF - Petticoat
-Using my 181 again, mostly on apples of cheeks with a bit on the E/3
MAC Penultimate - Rapid Black
-Top most days, with little to no under eyes
MAC Brow Pencil - Lingering
-LOVE this right now, though I wish it was a teeny bit lighter but would Fling be TOO light???
BE Brow Gel
-This is getting nasty, I need a new BG...
-Whatever one I grabbed :-)

On to other thoughts...
My FaceBook Profile tells me, "We're getting married in 8 days"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadly Weather Channel is predicting rain... and it's planned to be outside. Some rain is fine, but really, I don't want mud on my dress!

The MAC Friends & Family sale is rumored to be June 10-14... I guess I will be over-nighting some things. :) Might be a good time to pick up some Brow Gel and try Fling. Small order, I promise.

I placed a order... and was hoping it'd arrive this weekend, which it will not, but I pray it's here before I leave on my Honeymoon Sunday the 14th. I ordered a 1" Enzo Milano and a Pink GHD... I called and they said they sent their Enzo's back as the barrels were scratched up and their GHD's were to be in Thursday. I'm not happy so far.

I ordered a swimsuit. :-) I don't know that we'll visit the pool. (Depends on pool traffic.) But it's cute none the less.

Welp, I think that's all I have to ramble about, for now. I hope I can catch up next week. I'm going to dinner with some girlfriends and our mom, Saturday, so maybe I will look super cute and have time for pictures!!! Next Friday is the rehearsal, so I hope to take some pictures then, too. And at least we'll have a pro photog there Saturday to capture the good photos! Hum, I really need to practice those false lashes, too!!!
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