Thursday, January 14, 2010

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

With hesitation, I got this foundation a few months back. I hesitated because of the dreaded "SFF breaks me out!". Thankfully, I really don't think it breaks me out, which is SUCH a good thing! I absolutely LOVE this foundation! I only need 1 pump and my skin is flawless! If I recall correctly, I've pretty much only used my 109 Brush to apply and I wouldn't have it any other way. I even bought a 2nd just so I could keep them more clean. (Foundation can be hard to get off of a brush with a "quick clean".)

There's a video on my YT channel of how I apply MAC's SFF using a 109 & Fix+.

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love Lace Look

I really enjoy these colors, but when I took a look at them together, I wondered how on earth I was going to put them into one look?! This was the first thing that popped into my head and hopefully you think it turned out just as good as I do!

(All MAC unless otherwise stated.)

Clinique Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control
Studio Fix Fluid - NC15
Select Moisture Cover - NW20
Select Cover-up - NC20
Invisible Set Powder
Petticoat MSF
Sculpt Sculpting Powder 

MAC Shadows - Omega & Wedge (Brows)  
MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
MAC Shadows:

- Dazzlelight (Brow Bone)
- Pincurl (Inner Half of Eyelid)
- Suave Intentions (Outer Half of Eyelid)
- Hypnotizing (Crease)
- Love Lace (Crease)
- Vellum (Highlight)
MAC Kohl Power - Sense of Style (Upper & Lower Lash Line)

MAC Kohl Power - Feline (Inner Rims) (Not in 1st two pictures)
Studio Fix Mascara - Black Fix

MAC Lipstick - Pretty Please
MAC Lipglass -


With Feline on Waterline

Monday, January 11, 2010

MAC Haul

I have been a good girl and haven't bought any MAC since mid-November!

When I first saw the Love Lace Collection photos, I was immediately in LOVE! Last year, around the same time, MAC released Chill, and I fell in love with that collection, and Love Lace falls along the same line. There were no blushes in the collection, which, if I recall correctly, there weren't any in Chill, either.

I hesitated on Warm & Cozy... I love neutral shadows, but honestly, I don't wear them THAT much. If it's a neutral look, it's Bare Study Paint Pot lash to brow & Smolder Eye Kohl smudged on my upper and lower lash line. All Ages, All Races & All Sexes seemed along the same lines as Warm & Cozy, but the shadow do seem like they'd suit my coloring more. From Warm & Cozy I HAD to have By Candlelight MSF, so pretty!

I honestly had never heard of Lilly Pulitzer prior to "MAC in Lillyland". But OMG I love me some bright colors. I debated on the Pearlmatte Shadows & Face powder, as neither is something I'd wear a lot, but it was just one of those things I *had* to have!

All Ages, blah blah, wasn't released online 2 days early, as most MAC Collections are, so I didn't get anything from it. I *might* end up getting a blush, the pigments and maybe the shadows & some lippies, but that's a big might. I wasn't too impatient for Lillyland & Love Lace to wait, so obviously All.... wasn't too important to me. :o)

FYI: I recoreded a video, which is in the process of uploading. Follow me on Twitter to be notified when it is avaliable for viewing! Link ---->

In the Black Box...

By Candlelight MSF, Penultimate Eye Liner and Studio Fix Lash

Sense of Style Kohl Power, Eyeshadows in Suave Intention, Hypnotizing & Love Lace and Pretty Please Lipstick

Lipgelles in Lush & Bright and Preppy, Pearlmatte Face Powder & Eye Shadow, Cremeblend Blush in Joie-de-Vivre & So Sweet, So Easy, Purple Dash Technakohl and Fresco Rose Paint Pot


The cloest thing I have to the Cremeblend Blushes: Sweetness (top) & Joyous (bottom)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


You're now visiting !!!! (( will now redirect you here - same page.))

I'm getting ready to film some videos for my YT Page ( and will be editing and uploading them over the next few days. I will have one up soon, though!

I will also be doing some Haul videos and will be posting pictures on here. Most likely the videos will link to here, but I won't have a video for the Hauls right away, since they do take some time to upload to YT.

Please leave questions below or email me at !!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A whole new *me*

I think it's time I get back to blogging, and better yet YouTube!!!

I decided to make the switch to a "more professional" username and hope to have my own website, soon. :-)

Please follow me on here and YouTube. I will be creating a new Twitter name, a & possibly, with your help, a Facebook Fan Page!

Anyways, if you have any questions, comment below or email me:

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