Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Night: Familiar Dysfunction

So it's almost 5:30a, and I'm still up. Not unusual, because I try to keep my weekday schedule, on the weekends. Brad and I cleaned house, after work, because my Aunt & Uncle are up from Texas, and they wanted to see my makeup table. We didn't get to bed until about 11:30a and if we didn't have late night plans (the girls coming over), we would have just stayed up. I slept til 4:30p and he slept till 5:15p. I had all intentions of getting up, doing my hair and doing a vid on my make-up... but apparently time escaped me. I even left the friggin' house without mascara! Ugh! My family all met at the Golf Course (where we're having our wedding reception) and had dinner. They won't be catering our reception, but they do a dinner on Fridays. My grandma said she paid, so we all showed up. Hehe. It was my parents, Aunt & Uncle, grandma, brother & sister-in-law, Brad and I. At dinner, while everyone was eating salad (which I skipped because they didn't have a dressing I liked) I transfered my brother's old phone pictures & sounds to a memory card and to his new phone. I had to use my dad's because his is a 1gb and mine is a 4, which my brother's old phone doesn't support. After dinner, I invited everyone to the house, but of course, grandma didn't want to come and my brother & sister-in-law have never been here. We've lived here for almost 2 years. ((Long story.)) After complaining I have too much make-up (as if I didn't know I was addicted) and playing in some of it, my parents and my Aunt & Uncle got the notion to play... Rock Band! My Uncle has Guitar Hero for Wii, so he actually KNEW what to do. What a chore teaching 50+ year olds how to play. My mom started on drums, dad on bass and my Uncle on guitar. At one point my Aunt was on guitar, mom on bass and my uncle playing two drums and my dad the other two and the foot pedal! Sadly they weren't doing half bad! I sung for a while and then let dad while my Aunt & Mom played drums, together. What a riot. Dad singing... HaHa! It was getting close to midnight and Sarah & Kara were headed out when Kara's brother's car (which she was driving) overheated. I had to go get the girls and they stayed til about 4:30a, and I had to take them home. So now, I've washed my face and taken my contacts out and am going to go sleep for a while... We shall see what tomorrow brings... A Rock-Band Encore from the Rohr-Astacios? Or as my cousin called our family band... Familiar Dysfunction.



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