Monday, October 27, 2008


In case you've been wondering, why I disappeared off the map... DF and I went to St. Louis on the 17th and last week I worked day shift, so I was entirely exhausted and even fell asleep at 7pm a few days! I'm not sure how normal this week is going to be because DF is laid off work for a week. They are SUPER slow, so they laid the entire plant (minus salary employees) this week and the last 2 weeks of Nov. This week he doesn't get to collect unemployment, but the next 2, he will. It won't be much, but some is better than none.

I really miss "me" time. I wish I had more time to record vid's and take pics and what-not. I have a few vid's on my pc, but I have yet to edit them, because I just can't seem to find the time. DF seems to get mad if I'm on the PC too long. Too bad I couldn't do them at work, hehe.

I used to be able to just tell him to go play Halo for a while, but he hasn't been into it lately. I think he got frustrated at our internet (claims it's too slow, but there's really no other options for us) and gave up. It's now deer season, but he doesn't like going during the week. I can't send him off to play Halo anymore, anyways... Friday, he was going to play that or GUN, but our poor XBOX showed 3 flashing quarters. AHHHH!!! I was on the phone to XBOX FOREVER! I could barely understand the guy and I was trying to update our address, as I had moved since I bought it, but it wouldn't take our address. We have so many friggin problems with our address. Our street can be spelt plenty of ways, and then all of our town has P.O. Boxes, so it shows our zip code as the post office and UPS/FedEx/DHL won't ship to the Post Office, yadda, yadda, PITA! I told him to forget about it because my parents live at the old address, I can pick up crap from there. Then I had to update my email... I had to say everything like "A as in Apple" "B as in Brandon" "C as in Cat" "D as in Dog" "N as in..................Norman?" LOL, but we got that taken care of. My XBOX (mfg date 12-06-2005) was out of warranty, but they'll fix it for free (or send us a new one) b/c of the 3 red quarters. I hate when the automated thing says "try all these troubleshooting things" and then the idiot guy asks me to do them again. I tried everything, just fix the durn thing, already. So they are supposed to send us a UPS PrePaid label, then I have to pack it up good, give it to my mom, so the UPS guy that stops by her work can pick it up, be without it for 2-3 weeks, and then it will be delivered to my parents house, which I have to then pick it up. Gurrr... OH!!!! And to make things better... I have a 20GB HD for it, so my friend, Sarah, brought over her 360, and we were gonna play RockBand2. Well, when I got RB2, I was able to transfer the org. RB songs (or most of them) to my HD buy purchasing a license... THEY WEREN'T ON THE HD!!! So, when I get my XBOX back, I apparently have to repurchase the license (400 XBOX pts ~$5). What a crock! The license must be saved to my XBOX not the HD. Gurrrr!!!!


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