Sunday, January 4, 2009

1.3.08 - We're gonna play Guitar Hero...

I'm double posting this (a.k.a. it will be on my other blog, too) since it pertains to both...

What started out as an evening to play Guitar Hero, yes GUITAR HERO, with the girls... took a turn... a turn that was GREAT!!!

My friend Sarah (Lilo) had needed a few things at Wal-Mart and what-not so her, Kara (Lila) and I went mini-shopping. HAHA. We went to Maurices where we all bought something, went to Bath & Body Works where I bought Brad (Mr. L) some body wash, ate at Steak & Shake, got some crap at Wal-Mart... and that's when it began...

I had thought about getting Guitar Hero: World Tour for a while now. More songs, new format, etc. Well, Sarah saw it and thought she might want it because she has an XBOX360 and would like to play when she gets married and moves away from us to where her fiancé lives. After debate, going to GameStop and convincing Justin (Stitch) it was a good idea, she bought the Dual Guitar Pack that had 2 Wireless GH Guitar Controllers & the Game, for $120. YIPPIE!!!

I had prior plans to eat dinner with Brad's family, for our birthdays, so I left the girls and headed home. Sarah's cousin Melissa (Layla) was due to be down, so they all got to create their characters and what-not while I was with Brad's family. I left around 8 and let them know, so they could come out.

Upon arrival, I was told I had to give Melissa a mini-tour of the house, including the "make-up room"... it's the computer room, dang-it! LOL, OMG, Melissa FELL IN LOVE!!! I was so ecstatic because it's just wonderful to finally 'meet' (I've known her but we haven't hung out all that much) someone that just LOVES make-up, like I do! Unfortunately, she's married and her husband does not approve of said obsession. I have A LOT, I admit it, but I swear, I'm really going to work on getting it under control. Will I ever stop, completely, buying make-up... NO, I can't, stuff does need replaced and I love wearing it, doing it, washing it off, creating it, buying it, organizing it, etc... I can't stop, but I can cut back, I can limit myself, etc. I'm proud to say I only own 2 blue and 1 green eyeshadows from MAC. Most are shades of white, purple & black. I told myself, upon getting obsessed with MAC, I was only going to buy what I would wear, and I feel I've done very good to do so. Most of my glosses & lippies are shades of light pink (yes you CAN have a dozen+ different shades of light pink!).

ANYWAYS, Sarah wanted me to do her hair since they were going preliminary wedding dress shopping the next day... so she was off to wash her hair. In the mean time, Kara wanted PINK eyes like her Rock Band Character. I tried, I really tried!

BE Bahamas (Brow Bone)
BE Flirtatious (Lid and Under Lower Lashes)
BE Hope (Crease)
BE Soft Black (Dry on Upper and Lower Lash Lines)
BE Pink Ice Blush
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
MAC Pink Manish Lipglass


For someone who never wears make-up, she was brave enough to wear the Pink lipstick & lipglass... I LOVE IT!!!

Kara was playing with my Shadesticks and decided to try to swatch them all... LOL. I have no idea which is which!


After said funness, Sarah wanted to look at my stash for possible wedding eye make-up. She had previously applied some foundation, blush, lipgloss, eyeliner & mascara. I had curled her hair and she was thinking a similar style with the sides pulled back.

BE Queen Phyliss (Brow Bone)
BE Bubbly (Lid & Inner 2/3 of Lower Lash Line)
BE Twig (Crease & Outer 1/3 of Lower Lash Line)
BE Retro (Upper Lash Line)(She had on Black liner, so it looks a tad funny, but we think a thin line of this would do)


So, what do YOU think?!


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