Thursday, January 22, 2009

1.22.09 - LUSH

So, Brad's been saying for a while, we'll go to St. Louis... and I want to go NOW!!!

I saw they came out with some AWESOME V-Day gits and I want some!!! Plus, I was thinking about getting some things to take on our Honeymoon... but I totally just saw, it looks like there's a LUSH in the LV Airport!!!! We'll HAVE to go! Plus, I'm not sure if anything would survive the flight!

But anyways, I do want some V-Day things and their shipping is outrageous, plus I don't see any free shipping options. I'm sure the stuff doesn't last long, so we need to go soon!

I don't even care to go the MAC Store, although I would to pick up another 15 pan e/s palette & some pans, as I found a look that would be great for Sarah's bridal make up.

Hum... can't this weekend b/c Sarah wants to go bridesmaid's dress shopping. Maybe next? I do get paid next Friday... hum...


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