Saturday, May 2, 2009

5.2.09 - LUSH UK

I'm so ecstatic over this, I HAVE to blog about it!!!

For our wedding "party" gifts, we decided to get the girls all stuff from LUSH. My mom had the idea, so I figured it'd work. I kinda hate giving bath stuff, however since LUSH really isn't around here (almost 3hrs to the nearest store) I figured it was something unique. I use the term "party" loosely because we are only having 1 couple stand up with us, but many helping on favors, decorations & anything else we might need.

Thankfully I had the opportunity to have been subscribed to a YouTube channel where a girl posted a video that she ordered soaps from LUSH UK... I thought this was a little weird, I mean, if we can order from the US, why order from the UK where you surely have to pay more for shipping.

I did some research, after all I had 13 girls/women to buy for!!! I wanted to keep it around $20/ea, or a little more for our moms.

I can not friggin believe how much I saved!!! Yes, I spent A LOT, but compared to the US site, a lot of things on the UK site (depending on the current exchange rate, which seems to be about £1 = $1.49) are the same price but most are a lot less. BUT WAIT! The site prices include the VAT, which we don't have to pay. For example, Smitten Hand Cream is £5.82 on the UK Site, without the VAT is £5.06, or $7.54! It's $17.65 on the US site!

Shipping will run you a little more, but with what you save, it's amazing! Here's LUSH UK's international shipping chart.

I paid £44 in shipping... that just shows you how much I really got! My order total was £228.16 or $340.16. Plus, my Credit Card company might charge me a conversion fee. I will have to see what that is in a few days.

I went on the US site, just to show you... And even with the 15% off code (GIFTFORYOU09)...

Subtotal: $489.70
Discount: $73.45
Shipping (GNDRES): $24.65

Total: $440.90 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I SAVED $100 by ordering off the UK Site!!! (And they didn't even have the 3 Sugar Scrubs I ordered. Also, you can only get a maximum of 3 free massage bar tins from the US, and I needed 10. The UK gave me 7 for the 14 bars I ordered!)

I don't need the stuff for 6 weeks (EEK!) but I went ahead and ordered, though the UK Site is rumored to be very fast. The US Site said it could take up to 15 Business Days depending on order volume. I just read on the above shipping price list, that it takes 5-7 Working Days... Holy crap, even that's probably faster. I know my 1st LUSH order last Fall took a while, but the one mid-Winter didn't take too terribly long.

Anyways, I'm ecstatic and can't wait. I even picked up a few goodies for me, hehe. Shhh...


  1. That's awesome Lindsay! Kudos to you for doing the research and checking out the UK site! You saved a ton of moolah!

  2. That's awesome Lindsay! Kudos to you for doing the research and checking out the UK site! You saved a ton of moolah!


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