Thursday, May 14, 2009

5.14.09 - Zoya

So thanks to Scrangie's wonderful post of Zoya's latest TweetBuy, I was able to pick up the full set of their Color Lock System for $48 and recieve their Oh-la-la and La-di-da collections FREE!!! They will arrive tomorrow (Friday) and I can't wait!!! I am going to try them out ASAP, with the CLS and see how they do. Yippie! After that, I just might have to participate in their Nail Polish Exchange. Now through June 1, you can send in a minimum of 6 old polishes (any brand but Zoya) and they will send you your choice of over 300 of their polishes, bottle-for-bottle for only $3/each (shipping and processing). These polishes are regularly $6/ea so you basically get them for 1/2 off! (I assume you have to pay for shipping to them, but hopefully it won't be too bad.) I have quite a few of Sally Hansen bottles just sitting around so I will send those off... I'm going through the Zoya polishes now so I can see what I might want... though I'm not sure how many SH's I have. :o)


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