Thursday, June 23, 2011

MAC Bloggers' Obsession's Haul

Even thought I was just in St. Louis, Sunday, I ended up placing a MAC order, Tuesday. The MAC store didn't have any Light Plus MSF/N in stock (it was previously named Light Medium), and I REALLY needed that shade. Medium is a bit too pink on me right now, and I swear Light hardly shows up.

I had a couple things in my cart already, the new Prep+Prime Beauty Balm, and the brush promoted with it, the 191. The BB Creme isn't going to be in stores for a week or so, yet, so once I saw the Blogger's Obsession Collection was coming the 21st, I pulled the trigger.

I decided to get Temptalia's Jealousy Wakes, mostly because of her... I just adore her, but it's a really pretty shade, too. I also grabbed Hocus Pocus, purely based on the shade since I had never heard of the blogger that created it. I picked up 2 lip glasses... Evolution Revolution and Sonoran Rain. I do follow those bloggers and the shades just happened to be my favorites of the bunch. I can't wait to try them all.

I also picked up Bottle Green MAC Pro pan shadow. Yep, I love Christine's look she used with it, Juxt & Jealousy Wakes. :o)


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