Thursday, May 12, 2011


Okay, so maybe I was living in the stone age, but I just found out about Gravatar. It stands for globally recognized avatar.

Have you ever left a comment on Temptalia or MakeupGeek? There's no place to log in... yet some people have their own images instead of the flower (on Temptalia) or face (on MakeupGeek). I had ZERO idea how they got their images on there. That is, until a few days ago. I was leaving a comment on SOME website (I don't even remember what one) and it mentioned signing in with WordPress. Well I have a WordPress account (which I need to move my blog over too, but I can't justify paying the self-hosting fees at the moment), so I decided to log in. It took me to the WP site and said something about setting up your avatar, which eventually lead me to Gravatar! It might be a minor thing to some, but I just LOVE avatars. I think you can remember someone based on a picture, easier than a name (sometimes).

So, check it out if you want! I only wish they were supported on Blogger, but not yet anyways.
Now, when visiting the sites, I just have to be sure to put in my email (the same one I signed up for Gravatar with) and voila, there's my image!


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