Sunday, July 11, 2010


My toes needed re-painted (I had the same color on for 3 weeks!), so I decided to try out a new Essie polish I got a while back. They were Buy 2 get 1 Free at Ulta, so I picked up Peach Daiquiri, Playa del Platinum & Matte About You Top Coat. I'm not sure if was because my A/C was on (it's summer!) or what, but the application of Peach Daiquiri (on my toes) wasn't very fun... I have noticed polish drying fast and gooping up in the bottle when my ceiling fan was running, so I made sure that was off, so that's why I wonder if it was because of the A/C. It would get stringy coming out of the bottle and seemed thick. I hate painting my toes anyways, awkward angles, especially my big toes! My right one is the worse, I swear I re-did it 3 times! After I had on my topcoat, I decided to add some flowers - I always seem to not think about nail art until my topcoat is on. So I used Zoya Raven & Playa del Platinum for some flowers, with a couple of rhinestones.

On my fingers I switched things up a bit. Now, I'm not sure the combo goes together that well - but it was a good intention! I started off by applying a base coat to the tips of my nails, followed by 2 coats of Playa del Platinum. I then used a nail brush and Acetone to remove the excess for a french tip. I then applied the base coat to the rest of the nail followed by 1 coat of Zoya Bailey. I then put a regular top coat over Bailey and Matte About You over Playa del Platinum. Yea, it looks a tiny bit funny, hehe!

Oops, I forgot to clean-up my right toe before the pic! It's all better now!


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